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El Jardín Infantil is a school-year preschool program for children two and a half to five years old located at 3565 Tulane Ave. across from Schenk Elementary School.

El Jardín Infantil has developed a philosophy of early childhood education that is play-based, differentiates for all types of learners, gives children agency in their learning, and encourages and values parent participation.

Our Mission is to provide high-quality early childhood education in a Spanish and English bilingual program. We nurture the whole child by planning age-appropriate activities for the following areas of development: socio-emotional, health and physical, approaches to learning, and cognition.

Two preschool children play a number matching  game shaped like ice cream cones on a magnet board. There is a blue wall behind them.

Two young girls play outside under a teepee made of branches.


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