Printing for Preschoolers Pt. 2: Paper Marbling

Here is another simple but exciting art experience for preschoolers that uses every day materials that most people have at home.

You need: paper plates, shaving cream, food coloring, a craft stick (or use a spoon!), and paper for marbling.

First spray a good layer of shaving cream on your paper plate and then add some drops of color.

Use your stick to swirl the colors through the saving cream.

When you like how it looks lay your paper over the top and press it into the shaving cream.

Pull the paper off carefully and you will see your marbling is transferred to the paper.

Use a straight edge, half a paper plate will work, to scrape the shaving cream off the finished print and let it dry.

Here are some of our young artists hard at work and a few few of their creations on display.