Our Teachers/Nuestras Maestras

Maestra Michelle is the Director and lead teacher at El Jardín Infantil.  For nearly 20 years, Michelle has been teaching children. She holds WI teaching licenses in Early Childhood, Bilingual Education, and Spanish.  Michelle earned her BS in Education from UW-Madison and added her Bilingual Education certification through Edgewood College.  Michelle’s 4K classroom was written about in a chapter in  Access and Equity: Promoting High Quality Mathematics in Grades PreK-2, a book published by The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  Michelle believes that every moment is a teachable moment with children and that there are endless rich possibilities for learning through play.






Maestra Marie is the Administrator and teacher at El Jardín Infantil. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from UW-Madison and has a long history of working with children in the Arts. Marie was the chairperson and organizer of a two-year long artist-in-residence project at Schenk Elementary that culminated in a full day arts festival that engaged and involved more than 450 students and staff. The main event of that day was the Clay Stomp™ with artist Joel Pfeiffer that created the mural that hangs on the front of the school. She has also brought visual arts experiences to the young musicians at Madison Cello Ensemble’s summer camp and Camp Begin. Marie believes that experience and process are more important than the end product for young children. She encourages students to create and explore in ways that feed their creativity and curiosity.