Our Program/Nuestro programa

El Jardín Infantil is a small-scale preschool that offers a cozy environment with two consistent teachers. We offer mixed-age grouping in a single classroom with no shifting between classrooms, teachers, or groups of children which can happen in larger centers. With our single classroom setting, your child will get to know classmates very well, have more individual attention from their teachers, more individually-tailored teaching, more hands-on learning, and less illness with a smaller number of kids to spread germs between themselves.

El Jardín Infantil has developed a philosophy of early childhood education that is play-based, differentiates for all types of learners, gives children agency in their learning, and encourages and values parent participation.

Our Mission is to provide high-quality early childhood education in a Spanish and English bilingual program. We nurture the whole child by planning age-appropriate activities for the following areas of development: socio-emotional, health and physical, approaches to learning and cognition.